In 2003 Heuris Inc. developed PRESAGE® which is an optically transparent radiochromic dosimeter. The dosimeter can be molded into any shape and can be drilled, cut, sanded and does not need a container to maintain its shape. PRESAGE® is composed of a color forming leucodye and an initiator within a polyurethane matrix. The initial step in the formation of color within the dosimeter is the formation of radicals which in turn oxidizes the leucodye to a blue-green color. The sensitivity of the dosimeter is dependent on the type and concentration of initiator used with halocarbons as the preferred molecules. The carbon halogen bond strengths vary with carbon-iodide as the most susceptible to cleavage. The preferred leucodyes dyes are triarylmethanes but they can vary substantially in their dose sensitive and color stability post irradiation. The polyurethane dosimeter matrix is the ideal transparent polymer due to the relatively low exotherm created during the polymerization reaction which prevents premature cleavage of the initiator and consequent oxidation of the leucodye.

The PRESAGE® was originally designed for verification of radiotherapeutic treatment plans with dosimeters as small as 4mm x20mm dosimeter rods useful for in vivo applications and typically up to 16 cm diameter cylinders for IMRT planning verifications. PRESAGE® dosimeters have also been used in irradiation of small animals and with synchrotron microbeams with beams of 78 nm widths The majority of PRESAGE® literature citations reflect these radiotherapeutic applications.

PRESAGE® has also been evaluated in detection of radiation contaminated Nuclear facilities (e.g., reactors, fuel and isotope processing facilities, laboratories, hot cells, glove boxes, etc.). In many cases these facilities have high radiation dose rates which makes it critical to use remote technologies such as PRESAGE® for radiation contamination localization, characterization and decommissioning to keep worker exposures as low as reasonably achievable.

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